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3MP Energy represents Vivint, a pioneer in the Smart Home and security business.  Their state of the art technology allows homeowners and renters to have eyes on their property 24/7, in 4K!  The systems also prevent crime, not just record it and hope for the best.

smart home

We have smart phones, why not a smart home?  Control security, temperature, electricity usage, video, door-locks, the garage and more, from anywhere, with one easy to use app that integrates everything! 


Solar Energy has always been good for the Earth, but now it is good for our wallets, as well.  Integrating solar energy systems with Vivint Smart Homes allow consumers to be in full control of their energy usage and expense!

The Products

Control, view, manage

3MP Energy’s team is here to provide you a peace of mind when it comes to smart security. We also have you covered when it comes to Solar Energy.

See more of your porch in stunning clarity with an industry-leading 180° x 180° field of view, 1080p HDR resolution, and infrared night vision.

Answer the door before you even open it with A.I. visitor dectection and a notification to your phone and Vivint Smart Hub. 

Proprietary Smart Deter technology identifies lurkers and sends them running with a light and a whistle. 

Set custom surveillance zones to specify exactly which areas of your property you want to monitor for unwanted lurkers.

Protect yourself from increasing power rates and high energy bills with solar energy that shouldn’t cost you more than what you’re already  paying for grid power. 


The Boss

Michael Palomba

The son of a US auto worker, Michael was born and raised just north of New York City. His family relocated to Kansas City in 1996 and Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Kansas in 2002.

Michael first got into the direct marketing industry in Kansas City, and advanced from a business-to-business sales representative position to a point where he had the opportunity to manage the East Tennessee market for the Southeast’s leading telecommunications provider. His experience there led him to Atlanta in 2008 where he helped launch a pilot program in our office, then to a 2.5 year stint opening 3 locations back in Kansas City.

Michael returned to Atlanta after spending the last 3 years launching offices in the South Florida market. Since his return to the Atlanta area, he has brought unprecedented growth for himself and the 3MP Atlanta team.

The Wild Card

Ed Cunliffe

With a background in teaching golf after graduating from Berry College in 1999, Ed Cunliffe is not what you expect in a Business Management Expert. But that’s exactly why Ed is so good at what he does, he’s always bringing the unexpected to the table.

Ed became involved in the face-to-face sales industry in 2001, starting as an entry-level sales representative in Atlanta, Ga. After learning the business “hands-on” he opened his own business (Veritas) in Denver, Co. at the beginning of 2002. With his company, he’s developed a career that’s allowed him to consult with other clients & brands on furthering their campaigns and has joined 3MP Atlanta to bring his expertise to business development with a new business-to-business client.
He is loved by anyone he works with for his down-to-earth personality: “Ed Cunliffe is a true motivation. He has never had to break down the wall between lower-level employees and executive CEO because he never created one. You trust him because he trusts you.”

The Bootcamp Instructor

Rosie Statham

Rosie is a Southeastern Oklahoma native. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma, gaining a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. Rosie is a huge Thunder fan. (#OKC #GoThunder)

Rosie began her career in Oklahoma City helping aid the client with new prospects. She soon learned that helping people gain better opportunities was her passion which lead her into the Recruiting role.
Since joining the team in Atlanta, Rosie has been able to help the team meet client obligations and expand our account management team.

The Hostess With The Mostess

yanin Salgado

Yanin is originally from Guerrero, Mexico. At the age of seven her family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia and make it a home. Within four months she was fluent in both English and Spanish. As a child she says she knew that English was a language that she enjoyed speaking and that made it easy for her to learn it. In school she always strived to make good grades and be the leader of the clubs and organizations. She was a member of Future Business Leaders of America and there discovered she had a passion for business.

She’s always enjoyed building relationships, networking and watching people hit their goals. Her career with the company started out as a Junior Executive and was promoted into the Corporate Trainer position shortly after. Following her hard work and success as a Corporate Trainer, she was promoted to be part of the management team as Director of Human Resources. Yanin’s short and long term goals include providing opportunity for those within the organization to record sizes within the shortest amount of time. Her motivation and passion is family. She sees the business as being part of a growing family where you help and support one another to do better.

The Team Captain

Mo Santiago

He was born on the south side of Chicago but raised in Atlanta. As a kid he was called everyone’s favorite son because he used to go around and help older people in his neighborhood with random things they needed done around the house. And he liked it when they paid him for my services. That was his first taste of entrepreneurship. Since then he looked for a way to make a buck so he went around his neighborhood to help either wash cars, cut grass, walk people’s dogs, anything he could do to make a buck. He wanted to learn how to one day be his own boss.

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